Thursday 19 November 2009

Getting out of the run-down

inspired by my friend
I woke this morning feeling listless. Yes, again.

After finding out that something else that came my way did not work out, I got a bit more restless. And then Aru spoke to me by which time i was feeling a little better and then she sent me this link which had this pic that uplifted me totally.

So if you are feeling low / restless / dispirited, head over to Holly's web home to change that. Or else try one of the following

Talk (to a friend / parent / sibling / yourself)
Watch (a movie / birds flying / people walking  / funny video / old photographs)
Play (carroms / with your dog  / board games)
Listen (to the sounds around / music you love / to yourself talking)
Pray / Meditate
Shop for less
Scream out loud
Cry and then when you stop, smile
Buy flowers
Dress sexily

What works for you?

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