Friday 30 October 2009

A great day and a tiring but awesome evening

Phew! Just came back home really really late - it's 3:00 am. 

Woke up with a headache again, either the brain is working overtime or the eyes are. Gulped 2 disprins, went to work and chilled out. My super-fantastic team worked hard to ensure i could take it easy.

Aru came down for chai and we decided to go to Lifestyle @ Inorbit. Played hookey for the first time at work in two years. Shopped. 1 kurta, 1 tee, a pack of tealights, 1 pair square hoop earring, 1 pair bright yellow 2-patti chappals (i have loads of 2 pattis, but just cant resist them), 1 wallet, 3 pairs of earrings for a gift, 1 small mirrored matka that i will plant a plant in sometime and tie-hanger. And 1 red poppy from a kenzo display stand that i forced the store assistant to let me take. Awesome fun.

Decided to go out for dinner. F9, Chatees, Chutneys, Thai. Naah. Finally, lightning struck. Aru and i headed to Hard Rock Cafe. SMSed Bagsi to join us but she couldn't make it eventually. Chilled out over 1 mojito each, lots of eats and gupshup.

Dropped by at Bagsi's place to see her and the wall of her room that she was getting painted and was apparently patchy. Definitely patchy. Talked a bit and while saying bye, summoned up the courage to give in my inputs on a few changes we could make in her living room. One change led to another and then another, we were unstoppable. Change cushions, curtains, and this, now that, then this.

Blue, white and dashes of green... the house looks brighter, bigger and warmer... i want my house to look as pretty. That was fun. Thanks Bagsi for entertaining me and my whims; hope Jay likes it when he returns.

Pics of the home coming soon :) Yeah, very soon!

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