Monday, 9 July 2007


in a faraway land
where no one knew me, or i anyone around
where none was friend and none were foe
where there was no before
nor it mattered of tomorrow
would i sing in a crowd?
or dance without needing to get sozzled?
I wonder if i'd peel off the layers that have clung
or put on more, that i dont dare to add today

in another time
at another place
would i paint pretty pictures
or ugly ones even?
would i care what people thought
or not give a damn like i say (untruthfully) that i do?

in another place
at another bend
would i live by the rules that i follow now
or the ones that i dont ever
would i lie, steal, cheat or hurt
or would i be as sanctimonious as i now pretend to be

in a near-by place
where many think they know me
and i know so few
where all are friends
and some are foes.
i wish i could speak from within
sing when i like
shout when i want
love with abandon
and hate with more venom
make my rules to live by
and break them when i must

in another place, sometime in time
hours of my own, stolen from another
i am true to me, and no one else
i pray
in that farway land, i could be me.
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