Saturday 14 December 2013

Street Shopping + Selfie

After the what feels like the 20th Bombay trip i finally managed to do some street shopping on my last trip.

Bombay is the mecca of street everything... the street food and the street shopping are just fantastic there but i have never been able to indulge in either in any of my recent trips.

This time too it happened serendipitously. My friend and i went to Bandra for an evening of drinking. It was late, and the shops on Linking Road were about to shut. My friend nudged me towards the shops and said 'go buy'. (I must have looked at the shops very longingly and i think he was very tired + sleep-deprived + drained after all the work = zoned out because i don't think any male would ever do that otherwise.)

So I shopped. Quickly. Because there was no time to lose.

This black and white top cost Rs. 150. Yes, just Rs. 150. Cool, right? (I wish i had picked up more. There were many prints and colors available with the same pattern.)

I also picked up a dress that i know i shouldn't have. It looks very horrid!

Some of my other purchases. They all costed less than Rs. 200 each. I also got some cute earrings and a belt. All this in i think 15 minutes. Super shopper, did you say? ;)

What more does a girl need to make her happy?!!! (Maybe a little bit more shopping time?)

Have a lovely weekend you all. :)


PS: I have a date with my niece... i barely know her and have hardly spent any time with her so i am a little nervous... hopefully we will get along!!

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