Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Italian Job and Silver Linings Playbook

You know i love watching films. So two in a day isn't a major feat for me. Especially when i am watching it on my mac. (The computer is literally my lifeline since i don't own a television or a music system and this is the only source of entertainment you will find in my home, besides conversations, my pathetic jokes and some beer, that is.)

{The Italian Job}

So yesterday morning i watched The Italian Job. I was looking to watch a good heist movie and this one came highly recommended (by the Internet of course). I also vaguely remember a friend telling my that Mini Coopers were launched using this film as the platform. 

The Italian Job is a winner alright. It's a story of a 35 million dollar heist that goes wrong. The movie begins in Venice, Italy where boat chases replace the usual car chase sequence. When you think that this is the best chase sequence a movie could have, you'd be wrong. There is more in the end and this time you have the staple car chase sequence which is pretty darn cute with all those minis racing around tunnels and going down subway stairs. The robberies are ingenious and you'd love to watch it on a rainy afternoon. So go ahead, pick up your DVD now. 

{Silver Linings Playbook}

SLP was movie 2 yesterday. 

I watched Silver Linings Playbook without reading a review or its synopsis, something which i almost always do before watching a film. 

It's a film about a man suffering from bipolar disorder who is released from a mental facility and girl he meets who has been recently widowed. SLP is dialog-heavy and the only chase sequence is Tiffany, the girl chasing Pat, the boy when he goes on his morning run. You'd think that this would make SLP slow. But no, it is extremely engrossing and very entertaining and my friend and i who watched it together (on his computer this time!) didn't want to take a dinner break even. SLP is definitely a must-watch. And i think almost all of us who think we are sane just have undiagnosed medical conditions. :)

No, i didn't mess around with the posters. Both really have the exact same color combination of black, white and yellow. 


  1. I was looking to watch a good heist movie and this one came highly recommended .Its nice.


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