Tuesday 12 March 2013

Packaging and the paper it consumes

Every time i cut open a package of a food product, i feel sad about the amount of paper and plastic that has been used to package it and the waste of resources that not only add to the cost of the product but also to the waste of precious natural resources.

The same feeling accompanies me when i buy a shirt - there are so many little pieces of packaging - paper, foam, card board, tags, thread, plastic clips, pins - they are just way too many things that are used to package it.

I travelled by train recently and was heartened to see that you didn't need to carry a paper print out if you have booked online. Apparently, we can save up to 3 lakh sheets in a single day alone. Of course, not many people know of this. I was pretty scared myself, wondering if some bull-headed TTE would insist i give him a ticket printout. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

I imagine there must be so many little ways we can reduce our use of paper and plastic products. I am no social activist but off late i try my best to reduce waste - whether in the amount of food i cook or the things i buy or the number of plastic bags i pick up from stores, even when they are giving it out for free.

Enough of rambling now... what i really wanted to do was share these smart packaging ideas.

PS: Would you a buy a product, if it used less paper / plastic in its packaging? 

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