Wednesday 15 February 2012

Going dental

I hadn't visited the dentist in more than a decade almost. Either i dint have the time or i dint have a doctor. I finally found one at KIMS last weekend when i accompanied a friend who had a cancer scare (which thankfully was just that, a scare.)

Thankfully, there was nothing more than a few cavities that i have to get filled. The other A meanwhile has lots to do. The next two-three weekends like the last, will be spent with the dentist (*sigh*). I just cant wait for this to get over and done with so our weekend life can continue like before - doing nothing.

How was your weekend?

PS: If you are in Hyderabad and looking for a good dentist or a oncology department, go to KIMS on Minister Road. It is one of the best hospitals around - the staff is courteous, the doctors helpful and the prices not crazily steep.

PPS: With all the madness around, i lost the list to the illustration. Sorry, Mr / Ms Illustrator.

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