Thursday 24 November 2011

Guest Post #10 ~ Antique heirloom gifts

Guest Blogger of the day is Divya Rupender nee Dinker. Divya is the most unassuming of people. With traditional looks and cascading thick jet black hair falling all the way down to her waist, you would hardly believe that this chica was a singer in a rock band in the not so distant past. Happy, friendly and what you see is what you get, Divya is the girl who when she laughs, you know it really is mirth that comes from her soul. Customer Service Executive and Preschool teacher are just two of the many hats she has worn. She now freelances as an Interior Designer and Decorator. which explains her choice of blogpost as well.

Ambi, thank you so much for asking me to write. I was really rattling my brain on what to write and all thanks to my Daddi :)

Well the other day my granny (Dad's Mum) called me over and handed a Jade Jar and said "this is for you to keep". I was thrilled, as a little girl I would wait for my granny to open her trunk and watch her clean every item in it and place it back and would have just one question to ask each time "when would I get this?"....I got married 4 years ago and since then each year my granny has been gifting me an item from the trunk that have been her priced possession. The Jade Jar is my Great Grand mum's and its more than a 100years old :), she used to keep her daily wear earnings in it.  I can't seem to be doing the same thing though ;)

The Om Tea Pot is twice my age and was given to me last year, its a set of 4 but granny gave me just one mug saying she din't want to be unfair to my brother and the rest of the 3 mugs are with him ...

I have always had a fascination for rustic items and this lantern I picked up at Dokra bazar last Jan and since then it has been in my favourite corner in the dining area. My evening winter tea is always next to this lantern.

So, who is going to join me for tea :)


  1. loved this post and all the priceless treasures...antique heirlooms always give you a feeling of connection, a continuity with the people in your family who used it before...personally, among the things my grandma gave me, the one that connects me the most to her is a handwritten recipe book that she started in the 60s, with everything from duck korma to trifle pudding written down...feel her watching over me whenever I cook from it! All the best, for your freelancing adventures, Divya..


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