Thursday 2 February 2012

Agneepath - slightly charred

We caught the late-night show of Agneepath last night.

12 year old Vijay Chauhan witnesses his father's unjust hanging by the evil Kancha. His only aim in life is to avenge his father's killing and to achieve that he uses Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) as a stepping stone.

The first half is fantastic - well-paced, crisp and interesting with a promise of a brilliant film.

Just when i was thinking why movie-goers have given mixed reviews to the movie the second half began. The plot that seemed so well-crafted starts meandering. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, who so far, had been masterminding everything so devilishly, always holding the upper hand, visits Mandwa to meet Kancha and gets beaten up crazy by Kancha and his goons. Rather silly, i thought. And hereon the movie begins to fall apart.

To summarize: Watch at your own risk, you may end up getting burnt.

Hrithik plays his part well, his eyes do most of the talking, very unlike the original where Big B's dialogues delivers more punch than his punches. (I wish his character was written better in the second half.) Priyanka Chopra is pretty annoying throughout and never dresses / behaves likes the chawl-girl she is supposed to be. Rishi Kapoor is the super-surprise, playing the menacing evil goon who sells young girls and cocaine with alacrity. Sanjay Dutt looks evil but is not half as menacing as Rishi Kapoor as the despicable desi don. 

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