Sunday 20 November 2011

Guest Post # 6 ~ How to create your own blog blur wallpaper

Most of my creativity is rooted in impatience. Well, most of my life actually. I am an extremely restless person and can’t come to grips with the whole philosophy of “let things happen as and when they must”. The good thing about it is that I discovered a new way to create interesting wallpapers for my desktop.
Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have plenty of them too:

  1. Will yourself to get really, really, impatient.
  2. Open a blog, or a blog post that’s really colourful.
  3. When the blog/post is half-loaded (timing is everything here), scroll down immediately. Please note, impatience is key at this stage. Do. Not. Wait.
  4. You’ll notice that the words and pictures turn into meaningless, colourful,  linear blurs on your desktop when you scroll. (If they don’t, then you’ve either lost your moment or will be getting one in seconds)
  5. Immediately hit the ‘Print Screen’ button on your laptop. Do nothing else after that. I hit the Print Screen button at least thrice to make sure I don’t lose the blur, because I’m neurotic that way.
  6. Open MS Paint, and hit Ctrl+V. Voila! Your blur is captured. After that , trim the edges out (you know, the stuff with the tabs, the task bar and all that jazz) so that you’re only left with a beautimous blur.
  7. Save it as a picture.
  8. Use!

Blog blur wallpapers are great useful time-wasters. And they’re totally original. So go try, and have fun.


About me: So you know I’m restless. What you don’t know is that I get very, very, very high on coffee and then, I’m as restless as a rubber ping-pong ball launched in a 4X4 room. I hate spiders and love books. I’ve been referred to as Bila on some occasions and N on some others on this blog, with a remote possibility of being called mad/crazy a couple of times too. I write here, here, here and here.

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