Thursday 6 October 2011

Revenge of the Spellmans

Last Sunday, the other A took me on a drive so i could buy baskets. Basket-case that i am, i picked up about 25-odd and i haven't figured out what to do with them yet. On the way back, dirty, sloppy, unbathed, we headed to Landmark to buy paper. One thing led to another and i ended up picking paper, paints, brushes, books, a top and a pair of sandals (more on that later).

Even though i have about 20 books at home to read, i am unable to go past even 10 pages of any of them. This reading drought is scary, for someone who could gobble at least a book a day, even during exam times. So these 3 books i got were on sale for Rs. 99 each and were chick lit - i thought to myself, this can't be too bad and picked 'em up.

Turns out all 3 were good and i could still read a book a day if the book were interesting enough.

This was my favorite from the three i picked - chick lit with attitude and loads of snarky thrown in. Go get it, if chick lits your thing... it definitely won't disappoint. It's funny, snarky and a sit-down-and-finish-it-in-one-read kind of book.

The only sad part is this is Book 3 of the series. Yes, there are 2 other Spellman books i could have read before getting to this one :(

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