Wednesday 7 September 2011


I love buying on the Internet these days. It's convenient and invariably you get a discount too. Recently I got a Rs. 100 off gift voucher from babyoye.com. So I hopped over to the site to see if there is something I could buy. Unfortunately, I didn't (possibly because I don't have children.) But for those who have, I am sure you will find everything you need (or don't). This site has all the kiddie brands I have heard of and lots that I have not. They have all the stuff a child may need - diapers, clothes, toys, cuddlies, furniture, learning aids. All of it will be delivered free and they have even a COD option. So even though I have no use for this information, I am posting it. Hoping that someone who has a need for it will find it useful.

** The coupon code is OYEMS100. Use this if you want to buy something from them since I am not using it anyways

PS: That's my niece who after 4 hours with me, told her worried grandmother not to worry. Her maasi is handling her very well. TYVM Suhani :)

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