Saturday 4 June 2011

Going around the Internet, Page 1

The weather has been nice and the sky spectacular these past three days. 
Here's hoping you have a spectacular sky to look forward to.

meanwhile take a look at some of the things i found on my web crawls...

Do you punctuate
Wikihow tells you how, if you want to know.

Ice cream cookies. Shaped like flowers. Drool!

Have you watched Eight Below?
If you like dogs, then you got to.

home decor
I think i want to make cushion covers inspired by this

Oh yeah, before i sign off for today, 
here's something that made me laugh out. Loud.
It's called Mozzarellasura Linguini Stotram. Listen to it.

Mozzarellasura Linguini Stotram by krishashok


Have a fabulous weekend! 
I am going to be attending my 5-year old nephew's birthday party and possibly watch Kung Fu Panda. And you?

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