Thursday, 26 May 2011


TJ's is a brand that retails paintings, snacks, biscuits and cookies, mustard oil, stationery, phenyl, apparel, furniture, furnishings and more.

Here are two paintings from TJ's.
 A wooden sofa


Durrie and Bedspread

What is special about TJ? 
That's what you are thinking right...

Think hard. 

No clue yet?

It's an acronym for Tihar Jail.
And the products that are retailed under the brand name TJ's 
are made by those incarcerated in the prison. 

Made in Tihar products had a turnover 
of Rs. 11,00,00,000 last fiscal year!

I am still awed and amazed by this venture of the Indian Government. 

Click here to read more about TJ's on their website

I think it's a brilliant idea. 
What say you?
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