Saturday, 7 May 2011

Splash and Splurge

Yamini and i had a date. As usual, i was not ready when she came home. I really bug her that way. But the sweetheart that she is, she waited till i finished what i was doing, bathed and got ready. 

We headed to Ten Downing Street, a watering hole in Hyderabad, famous for its cuisine, crowd and cocktails. But for the first time, except for the crowd, there was nothing good. The watermelon mojito was not quite up to the mark. Since we had already eaten a light lunch, we ordered only one caesar salad, which was super salty and too peppery. We asked for it be changed and it was no better. However, the cocktails worked their magic and after the drinking, 2 happy women set out to do what what they like the most...SHOP!

It was my first visit to the store and i was shocked to see what i had been missing. The clothes were fab. Super-stylish and trendy, as well. But the accessories section...ohmygod! Yes, i was in love. Again. Judge me, if you must.

i am totally in love with this golden wire pendant. it was love-at-first-glance. 

this one is even prettier when worn. it's a longer necklace with dull silver balls and flowers. we got two of 'em.

So what did we get? Yamini gifted me these two super-cool necklaces, and a smart black top that has an incredibly slimming effect as an anniversary gift. She buys herself a pair of stilettos, a black top with a plunging v-neck, the same silver necklace and some ear rings. 

Go visit Splash. And if you do see a short pink skirt with pockets on the side... think of me. 

PS: The staff at Splash are almost as helpful as the staff at Westside. We obviously went to Westside too since it is next door. I exercised restraint and just geot a Mr. Happy tee for the other A. Yamini got two tops - a navy blue kurti that is super slimming and another in bright parrot green that looks fabulous on her, a change from the usual black, grey and white that she usually sports.

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