Wednesday 7 October 2009

Wake Up Sid and doing the right thing

It all started with a bad day :(
Last night, Raam and i went to watch a movie together. My day had started badly. It got kick-started with a fight with A that left me in tears. Post which, the day kept sliding downhill with my girls at work completely pissing me off with their lies and attitude... Oh, I don't even want to get into it - there is enough masala for at least 3 posts...

Booking the tickets
Anyways, there was this birthday dinner that i was to go to and for the first time, i gave a team party a miss. Called Bhargavi and as usual she ditched saying she had an early meeting the next day despite the fact that when we last spoke we had almost booked the tickets. No big surprise there, i almost knew when i called that she would back out. I had already had had enough of people taking me for granted by then but was not feeling miserable any more.  So anyways, since Raam had already counted himself in, i logged onto bookmyshow.com to book the tickets. Now, the problem is, I dont have a credit card. Called Chopi, another friend, but his CC was maxed out too... Stuck again.

But then dad is always there to bail me out. Finally, something going right. Selected the theatre, the movie, the timings and then the rows and proceeded to buy when an error raised its ugly head... there was a problem with the connectivity that bookmyshow was having with the theatre. Ouch again. Called their helpline and they could not book either due to the same problem. AARGGHH.

The theatre
With no other choice left, we decided to go to the theatre and take a chance. Picked up Raam near home and  reached Prasadz. Got the tickets easily and got better seats than the online selection (it was my first time there when i did not have to stand in line). Wow!

And then since we had an hour to kill, dropped into Odyssey and then the Timex store (I have a horrible weakness for watches) and finally Mamu for dinner. (Total spend so far was Rs 2610)

Watching the movie
After waiting for another thirty minutes, we finally got to watch the movie - and what a movie. So sweet, so cute, so endearing so lovable, so handsome. Okay, maybe i fell in love with Ranbir Kapoor more than i fell in love with the movie. But then you can't blame me, he is cho chweet. Yeah i know i sound 16... but then, that's why i feel like after watching the movie. I feel young and happy and good and i want young and happy and good. The movie is full-on feel good. Cliched ending but who cares...
(And i did bug Raam throughout with my incessant chatter despite him having warned me in the beginning)

After the movie
We got copped. Just after Necklace Road, there was this battalion of mamu's (traffic cops) drinking coke who stopped us for Registration and License. Now, Raam was driving and he was not carrying the license. So without flinching and asking him to pardon us or let us get away with a small chai-paani income, we asked him to fine us. We happily paid up the fine. After all, we had broken the rules and if we don't stop bribing then  we will always be corrupt. So yeah, we paid Rs. 300 and got home.

And yes, I was still smiling. Finally.

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