Tuesday 6 October 2009

Diwali Shopping and Some Painting

Diwali is just round the corner and the festive season seems a little less extravagant this year. I don't see the same enthusiasm at all. The too brightly lit stores seem to be still sleeping and the zing seems to be missing this year. Is it my thinking or is the rains?  It all seems a bit subdued...

Diwali always gives an excuse to buy and being the shopaholic that i am, i have already started making a round of the stores. First up was soft furnishings for the home. I have already gone to Fabindia and picked up bedsheets, curtains, cushions and a few cushion covers. There was also a really nice table, small, dark brown wood that tempted me... it would be perfect for my laptop, but i have given it a miss for now. There's still sometime to go for Diwali and who knows?

Besides buying stuff, i am planning to make some changes in the decor of our home. First up on the list is to paint one wall of our bedroom and it's going to be green - dark iriscident green. Right now the walls are a drab cream, the standard colour of all walls in most homes that are let out for rent. I have finally managed to convince A that we should paint; i have my fingers crossed and desperately hope he does not back out at the last moment.

The colours of the room are going to be green, shocking pink, orange and brown. Ok, i know it sounds terrible, but wait for a bit and you will see. I am hoping it is going to be great (and my fingers of the other hand are crossed as well.)

(The green that i am talking about is the colour that you see where the leaves overlap.

The shocking pink curtains i already have (it covers the wardrobe as it does not have wooden doors)
The bedspread is going to be orange... )

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