Friday, 25 May 2007

Something's better than nothing

My creativity seems to have deserted me. Or maybe i was never creative (though everyone around does think i am). I know I pay attention to details that most people miss. I have a decent sense of dress and fashion and interiors. I write decently alright, albeit, only when i am in the mood for it. I can think of solutions to tricky problems (which are not mine) and for the last 5 five years I have survived in a job in a industry that I am not fond of. My problem is that i get bored easy. And when i am with friends i cant be my normal self. In fact, I dont even know my real self anymore. I am setting out to discover that. At 29 years. But then, if not now, then I will only get older. I also realise i am getting to rigid, harsh and emotinally dry as days go by. While i write this now, i am wondering why i am spilling a bit of my guts out on a public forum... when i normally cant talk about anything important with any one. I guess that is why i have taken this long hiatus from blogging. I really could not think of any topics that were impersonal. And was scared to pen or keyboard anything that is really me. Maybe now is a good time to start something new. Maybe not. If anyone does read this, please post your comments so i know. Maybe the next instalment, i will try and talk about my career crisis.
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