Friday 7 March 2014

How the Spiderwick Chronicles changed my life aka the story behind HappySong

May 2008
Prasad’s Multiplex

The four of us (Raam, Anand, Rohit, and I) had gone to watch a late night show of The Spiderwick Chronicles, a magical fantasy adventure film. On our way out of the theatre, I spotted a tiny puppy, his head protruding from under the frame of the metal detector frame. He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen… naturally I called the boys to come have a look. The security guard told us the puppy did not have a mother so we decided to take him and drop him off to Blue Cross so he could get a fair chance at survival.

On the way back home, we started discussing the pros and cons of bringing a pet into our life. The four of us are all business partners in an advertising agency and also neighbors, besides being the best of friends.  By the time we reached home, Happy Singh was ours.

Happy takes away a lot of our work stress and we don’t even realize when he does that. He goes to office everyday and has been since he was a puppy, riding in the car, his head jutting out of the window, barking at all and sundry. 

Happy has changed me. I have lost a lot of my irrational fears and become a kinder person too along the way. I am not scared of dogs anymore. I love them and play with any stray I see. I carry biscuits in my car for dogs that don’t have homes. I can pretty much pet any animal, in fact – cows, camels, and cats because I don’t fear them anymore.  I don’t jump at the sight of an insect or bug, beautiful or not. And i am grateful for this. 

Happy has changed our lives phenomenally.

It hasn’t been an easy ride always but I feel blessed that we decided to keep him. It didn’t matter to us that Happy was of unknown parentage.  He is a dog and a loving one at that and that’s all the matters.

Happy now stays with Raam mostly, as we are not neighbors anymore. But he is as much  part of our lives as he was then, when we were.

{Photo: Raam and Mahesh play some form of football at Deccan Trails, the only time we took Happy on a trip. Shot with my Nikon D3100}

PS: The name of my business - HappySong is an adaptation of the name Happy Singh.

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