Friday 13 December 2013

We are the Cheesiest

Somak was participating in an Archery competition and we went to cheer him... cheesy style!

At 7:00 PM in the evening i remembered that i had wanted to get t-shirts made and i hadn't done anything about it... And the event was early in the morning next day... :(

But i kept my cool and made a few calls. Figured out where i could get them printed, called Raam and told him to make a design... which he did in exactly ten minutes!

Jyoti Art Studio, RP Road branch printed them for us. They cost 250 bucks apiece for the printing and includes the tee.

Fun, right?

I am sure glad we got these printed... It made everyone laugh and made one more day memorable!

You should try it too... for a special occasion or to make an occasion special.

{They also print Mugs, Photo Frames and a hundred other things. Jyoti Art Studio, RP Road, Near Bata Showroom. P: 66383338 E: jyotiartstudio@gmail.com} 

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