Thursday 9 February 2012

Tambrahm Rage Cooks

Now what makes this blog worth a visit considering  that there are a gazillion food blogs out there?  Consider this excerpt from Tambrahm Rage Cooks:
Dry roast the above and finely powder it in mixer. If you feel a bit frisky you can sniff it and go into a sneezing fit. After that, you can confirm with your grandmom if snot is ecchu or patthu or some unholy combination of both.

When you read something like this then you know you have to subscribe.

{Find food and laughter at Tambrahm Rage Cooks. The blogs' authors are Nandita who lives life by the  SaffronTrail and Ashok who is busy Doing Jalsa and showing Jilpa.}

PS: Are two heads better than one? I enjoyed visiting Tambrahm Rage Cooks that they started together a lot more than their personal / individual blogs.

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