Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How often do you wear a sari?

Me, i don't wear a sari as often as i'd like to. I'd wear one to a wedding or when it's festival time, but other than that, just like that, almost never. In fact, last Diwali, i got lazy and did not wear a sari and attempted an indo-western kinda thing, but that i don't regret.

More often than not though i'd love to wear six yards of loveliness and look lovely (everyone says i do, everyone!) but i get lazy and wish i hadn't gotten so.

Anyway, i am rambling! So what i wanted to share with you were these pictures that Sunitha Nadig shot for Calantha. I just love the styling, the colors, the make up and everything else that makes these pictures what they are. Go see. This one in black is another favorite from the Calantha collection.

How often do you drape a sari?

PS: I love wearing a contrast blouse with my sari. Try it and let the compliments pour in.

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