Friday 6 January 2012

Hula hoop and fairy lights

What a fine idea for outdoor lighting. Apparently, you find a hula hoop, spray paint it, attach 2 strings of icicle lights with duct tape, plug it in and you are all set.

{I found it on Pinterest. Where else!}


  1. Lots of this ideas r cool.. when you need them there should be a way to remember that you had hit upon one :P

  2. Hey! Here's what you can do: Either view the labels for all the DIYs or Create an account on Pinterest and start saving all the stuf you want to do so when you want to do it, you find it all in one place. :D

  3. there must be a better way than that. why not you document all the stuff you find and archive them under respective heads - like interiors, gifting, styling...

  4. oh, they are already archived. maybe not very well though. - http://ambicasrimal.blogspot.com/p/labels.html


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