Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yellow again

I called Beatrix last night (remember the fashionista with a penchant for fur, leather, gaming, and music memorabilia who is a guest blogger here?). So yes, i told her i wanted her to go buy me a pair of canvas shoes in either yellow or viridian green. She found me a pair of Converse, in yellow...bless her! And for a steal too - Rs. 300 only... Go get yourself one even if you don't really need it now.

Do you like my new shoes?

{Yup, i like yellow. It reminds me of sunshine and sunflowers and smileys. Remember the yellow pants and the yellow swatch?}

PS: The other A is coming here to Bikaner in less than ten days and he will bring them or maybe i should ask her to just courier it since i can't wait to wear them.

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