Wednesday 17 August 2011

The Guest Room Makeover

The model apartment I styled had a guest room that looked like this

What I think did not work for the room:

1. The black and red was too stark against the white bed. 
2. The prints on the wall were tacky.
3. The lamps I found tacky too.
4. The curtains were too pale, did not match the color scheme and hid the fabulous light the french windows could bring.

What I changed:

Everything i think! Except the furniture...

1. Had the wall behind the bed painted a pale blue to add color since everything was white. White walls. White bed. White sheet.
2. Got a printed bedspread in blue and white. Added magenta for the pop of color and bit of green because i felt a third color was needed.
3. Changed the curtains. Used magenta sheers with white non-sheers (shee!) so that by just moving the curtains around you can change the amount of light that gets in. Also the non-sheers are good to keep things private. All this with one curtain rod! Yay! 
4. Picked up an interesting print of the Eiffel Tower - luckily they were in the right colors.
5. Added chrome bedside lamps with magenta shades.
6. Got a globe, some jars, candles, plants and books to fill up empty spaces and add style.
7. A simple magenta rug to complete the picture.

The room, now, after the makeover

I think it looks bright, modern, cheery, and welcoming now. What do you think?

It was my first paid home styling project and I was super excited and a bit scared too (though I have done a couple of other styling projects that paid too, but they were not as big as this one). Looking forward to more!


  1. Woo Hoo! This is sooooooooper stuff man! Had you just put up the pictures, I'd have totally believed this to be the work of a seasoned pro... it is that good.

    So proud of you! Here's wishing you many many more.

  2. thanks Vikas! You just happened to make my day! :D


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