Thursday 5 May 2011

Wedding Wows, captured

When blogging and visiting other blogs, from America especially, i have come across wedding pictures that totally took my breath away. The shots looked natural, yet pretty, and the entire composition looked like a work of art. So i wished to see something like to that for our own weddings. And then i found Joe Radhik.

Joseph Radhik, an ex-advertising professional is now a wedding photographer, one of the few in the country. I saw one picture that he had taken somewhere and i liked. Wanting to see more, i googled him. And i spent hours poring over the pictures... some of them just take your breath away.

Here's sharing with you some of my favorites. If you want to see more of his work, then you can check them on his flickr photostream or on his fb fan page.

bride so beautiful...

Love the sheer delight on the faces of this candid capture.

And here, the couple looks so romantic, and the moment, magical. 

This was taken at our very own Golconda Fort. I have never seen the fort look so lovely...

The birds flying overhead at the right time... wow!

grey and orange... sweet

love this one, even though it's kinda filmy in the walking-into-the-sunset way it's shot

and this one's a totally filmy :) the groom's allu arjun, a famous telugu film actor

for some reason, this reminds me of the book daddy long legs...

this reflection shot is my favoritest. 

this couple met on a bus. and later got married. how cute.

There are quite a few new age photographers  today who are capturing candid moments, clicking mariage ceremonies with a lot of love. You are lucky if you can get an album of your wedding moments that looks as delicious as this...

I wonder why, when i got married, we could not get photographers to click pictures that captured the essence of the moment so beautifully. The only thing my album tells me is who came to the wedding and who did not.

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