Monday 28 March 2011

A Photo Date at the Golconda Fort

Thank you Raam, for the company, the teaching, the eats and drinks. 
Since I got my D3100, I have been itching to take pictures. Since it was my first time using a camera with manual settings I asked Raam for help. Fortunately, for him, he readily agreed. 

We first went to a mosque on a hill at Sainikpuri where Raam abandoned me the moment we reached. Uhhh! So i start clicking, get some really bad shots, a few okay ones and am just about switch from Auto settings to manual, when Raam decides he does not like this place and wants to go someplace else. 

So off we go, taking click breaks along the way. A pit stop for breakfast, and a fast drive later, we reach Golconda Fort. He stops for cucumber, and then water and then we stop again as the guards won't allow him to take his tripod in. It takes a bit of coaxing, emotional blackmail and sob stories to get it in. 

Again, Raam decides to abandon me. I turn knobs, try to figure out how to change the settings, click, get stared at, walk around and take a lot of pictures. And then the battery dies. 

Raam the sadist says: Rule #1 is always charge your batteries full. And then he continues to click with his fully charged camera while I simmer in the heat, twiddling my thumbs...

I am, officially, in love, with the D3100. To see some of the other pictures I took, dive in to my flickr photostream...

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