Saturday 12 March 2011

Material Girl Buys: And finds Flipkart.com

I got two books from Odyssey yesterday. On my bro's casual inquiry of the bookshops I favor, I replied, it was usually Landmark or sometimes, Odyssey. He suggested I check flipkart

I have heard of flipkart, seen FB adverts and almost visited but never really browsed. WHAT WAS I THINKING? All of the books are fabulously discounted. The shipping's free too. And to think I have spent more that Rs. 20000 on books and movies in the past one year.

Ty, Vikas for showing me the way. You are the best, and just not for the awesome Google lunch date. 

PS: My purchases are mostly impulsive and I have also come to realize, my best shopping is when I don't decide to shop and pick up something on-the-spur. Yes, I am still going to be an impulsive buyer but for books, movies and electronics I will check out flipkart first!

PPS: And they also have the Nikon D3100 that I have been meaning to buy. For Rs 30000. Brick and mortar stores are selling it for Rs 32000.  

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  1. Anytime... on both counts :)

    I'm surprised you didn't know about Flipkart though, considering you're so much more technologically-savvy. Hell, you know more about Google products than I know about Google Search! :P


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